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MIM material (Metal injection molding) L718

Brand :Lide

Product origin :Hebei,China

Delivery time :4-9days

Supply capacity :10ton/day

L 718 MIM material

1.Composition of L718 MIM powder: -500 mesh and -400mesh

C         Si     S        P      Cr       Ti      Fe       Nb    Al      Mo   Ni
0.066  0.20  0.007  0.01 19.87  0.91  16.30  5.30  0.52  3.19  Bal

2. Tap density:5.25 g/cm^3

3. Particle size distribution: D10: 2-4μm D50: 9-11μm D90:21-24μm

4. Application: MIM/metal injection modling/ powder injection molding/powder metallurgy

5. Packing: 25kg/barrel (25*25*25cm) 1000kgs/pallet


We're happy to adjust our powder particles and chemical content for your specific requirements, in order to assist your R&D to develop the perfect MIM parts for automobil, consumer electronics, medical devices etc industries, we're happy to develop new MIM powder for you.

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