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F75 feedstock

Brand :Lide

Product origin :Hebei,China

The MFI of our F75 MIM feedstock is ≥1200,The excellent conformality allows metal injection molding factories to produce highly precision products. Besides, the density of the sintered part is higher than 99%.

F75 MIM feedstock:

1.Chemical content:

Cr %
Ni %
C %
Mo %
O %
Si %
Fe %
Co %

2.Particle size of powder:

D10    (μm)
D50     (μm)D90       (μm)

3. MFI: ≥1200

4.Physical and mechanical properties after sintering and heat treatment:

Tensile strength(Mpa)
Yild strength(Mpa)
Impact strength(J)

Hardness (HV10)

5.Notice:POM feedstock system is suggested for this material.  Since CoCrMo alloy is sensitive to carbon, please make sure that the binder is debinded clearly, and the c% should be well controlled to keep size and property good enough, but if the c% is too low, the hardness will also be affected, so we suggest that the vacuum phase should not be too long during sintering. Sintering temperature should be around 1250-1300°。

6. Packing styles:

A.Metal drum with our logo: 25*25*25cm  25kg/drum

B.Metal drum without our logo:25*25*25cm  25kg/drum

C.Plastic white box: 20*25*25cm 20kg/drum

F75 feedstock

F75 feedstock

All these three packings will need a solid wood pallet outside for sea and air shipping.

F75 feedstock

7. Delivery:    

Sample deliery: 

USA/Canada/EU/AU etc, 5-7 days by Fedex

Taiwan, Pakistan, Malaysia, Korea etc :3-5days by    HKEMS             

India: 10 days by HK EMS, Freight collection by DHL is not  workable  in China.

Mass production delivery:

Powder: sea shipping by Tianjin port, air shipping by Beijing port

Feedstock: shipping by Shenzhen port for both sea and air shipping

Taiwan district: we keep our normal powder: 304L 17-4PH, 316L in our warehouse in Taiwan,

This can guarantee a  2-day delivery for both sample and order .

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