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Established domestic leading 200kg and 500kg high-temperature and high-activity metal powder high-efficiency gas atomization production technology equipment. The fine powder prepared by this technology and equipment has the characteristics of high output rate and low impurity content, which can meet the requirements of 3D printing metal Products, powder metallurgy products for aerospace use, high-purity powder metallurgy targets, metal injection molding, diamond synthesis and tools and other fields use various high-end metal powder needs. Its mass production and application will drive the technological progress of the related metal powder materials and its products industry, which is of great strategic significance. It can greatly improve the quality of domestic related products and relieve the pressure of high production costs caused by imported raw materials. Conducive to its performance/price advantages to participate in international market competition.

3D printing alloy and metal powders:

3D printing化学成分(%)




Metal powder materials for high-performance 3D printing:

Atomized pulverizing technology has the following characteristics:
  (1) Advanced atomization powder technology ensures that the primary powder collection rate of Type3 alloy solder powder is greater than 50%, effectively reducing production costs;
  (2) In order to control the chemical composition and oxygen content of the spherical alloy solder powder, this process technology adopts the smelting and atomization technology under the protection of inert gas, and all the equipment and pipelines in contact with the powder are made of stainless steel. The product uses inert gas inflatable packaging;
  (3) Adopting the technology of inert gas recycling, greatly reducing production costs;
  (4) Unique screening technology can effectively control the upper and lower particle size ranges of the product;
  (5) The main production process includes alloy smelting, atomized powder making, powder cooling, particle size classification and powder packaging, forming a fully enclosed and automatically controlled integrated production system with short process flow and no environmental pollution.

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