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17-4ph MIM powder

Brand :Lide

Product origin :Hebei,China

Our 17-4ph MIM powder is made by water-gas combined atomization process, the powder has spherical shape and good flowability as well. The excellent conformality allows metal injection molding factories to produce highly precision products. Besides, the density of the sintered part is higher than 99%. It has corrosion-resistant property, excellent mechanical strength. This material is widely used in medical devices, auto parts, tools and machines etc.

17-4ph MIM powder:

1.Chemical content:

C %
Ni %
Cr %
Nb %
Mn %
Si %
Cu %
Fe %

2.Particle size :

D10    (μm)
D50     (μm)D90       (μm)

3. Tap density≥ 4.9g/cm3

    Sintered parts or grey parts ≥7.65g/cm3

4.Physical and mechanical properties after sintering and heat treatment:

Heat treated
Tensile strength(Mpa)
Yild strength(Mpa)
Hardness (HV10)

5. Manufacturing process: We have 11 water-gas combined atomization production lines for our MIM powder. And also 4 lines of gas atomization production lines for better mim material.

6. Packing styles:

A.Metal drum with our logo: 25*25*25cm  25kg/drum

B.Metal drum without our logo:25*25*25cm  25kg/drum

C.Plastic white box: 20*25*25cm 20kg/drum

17-4ph MIM powder

metal injection molding materials

All these three packings will need a solid wood pallet outside for sea and air shipping.

mim powder

7. Delivery:    

Sample deliery: 

USA/Canada/EU/AU etc, 5-7 days by FedEx

Taiwan, Pakistan, Malaysia, Korea etc :3-5days by    FedEx         

India: 4-6 days By FeDex

Mass production delivery:

Powder: sea shipping by Tianjin port, air shipping by Beijing port

Feedstock: shipping by Shenzhen port for both sea and air shipping

Taiwan district: we keep our normal powder: 304L 17-4PH, 316L in our warehouse in Taiwan,

This can guarantee a  2-day delivery for both sample and order .

17-4PH is one of the most popular metal injection molding materials, together with 304L/316L etc, these stainless steel MIM powder accounts for 50% of all kinds of 

mim materials

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