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On July 8, the commissioning ceremony of the first phase of the water atomization project of Hebei Jingye Lide Additive Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was held in the additive manufacturing plant area. Powder Metallurgy Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance Injection Molding Secretary-General Zhang Zhiheng, International Powder Injection Molding Professional Advisor Dr. Qiu Yaohong, Customer Representative, General Manager of Jingye Group Li Huiming, Vice Chairman Wang Guotai, Group Vice President Zhang Jueling, General Manager Zhang Genlin of Jingye Lide, More than 130 people, including deputy general manager Wei Yanzhou and construction unit personnel, attended the ceremony.

MIM powder

The additive manufacturing high-performance metal powder production line was put into operation in July 2016. In August 2019, it achieved in-depth cooperation with Shijiazhuang LIDE Powder Materials Co., Ltd. The main production is used in 3D printing, laser cladding, metal injection molding (MIM), Fine metal and alloy powder used in magnetic materials and other industries. At present, the company has 22 powder production lines, including 18 ultra-high pressure water-gas combined atomization production lines and 4 gas atomization production lines, with a metal powder production capacity of 10,000 tons per year. The company plans to add 62 water and gas combined atomization production lines in the second and third phases, and the production capacity will be 40,000 tons per year. The project has an investment of 2.018 billion yuan and a total area of 1012 acres. The existing additive manufacturing and new projects will be transformed into a new material industry base integrating production and research and development.


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