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  • Lide MIM powder doing a great job on the measurement of containing the COVID 19

Lide MIM powder doing a great job on the measurement of containing the COVID 19

Lide MIM powder guarantees the smooth progress of production with scientific methods that meet the requirements of epidemic prevention. In the first week of the epidemic, the water atomization test workshop achieved a breakthrough. The product quality data was stable, the MIM powder extraction rate was greater than 97%, the finished product rate was greater than 80%, and the batch consistency was good.


In the case of only left-behind employees, rationally arrange shifts, and all managers in the factory take the initiative to participate in production on the production line, not afraid of being dirty or tired, and ensuring 24-hour production on the production line. The circulating water system on the furnace is most afraid of freezing damage, and the equipment personnel have tried various methods to ensure the regular maintenance of the temporarily disabled equipment at the lowest cost, and there will be no failures caused by the shutdown. Faced with the problem of insufficient supply of raw materials, employees made overall arrangements for defective products, semi-finished products and raw materials for MIM, which not only reduced inventory, but also ensured production. The weather is cold, but the heart of all the employees is fiery. We work together and we have no conditions to create conditions to move out their own electric heaters to ensure that the product testing environment meets the requirements.

Lide MIM powder

In the start of year 2021, COVID 19 gives us a very serious lesson, and all of our MIM people stay together to get over all the difficulities and get back on the right track

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