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Chinese MIM people in the epidemic

February 10, as a manufacturing enterprise, Shijiazhuang LIDE Powder has submitted various applications for resumption of work to the local government. At present, provinces other than Hebei Province in China have achieved a good decline in the number of new coronavirus infections for eight consecutive days. Even so, we can't take it lightly, LIDE Powder has purchased enough disinfectant and protective mask for 30 days. Managers have learned about safety measures in advance, such as reducing staff density to 1/3 of normal production, all personnel must maintain a distance greater than 1 meter, and masks are required for all the working time. Staff canteens were closed, employees bring their own lunches, and eat alone.


Before the resumption of work, we will do a video lecture for all employees to do a good job of protecting production during the special period of the epidemic to ensure that everyone can accurately do it and prepare to resume work.


After the resumption of work, we will schedule production as soon as possible, determine the delivery date for each customer, and notify all of our MIM enterprise customers immediately.

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